Is Virtual Reality a TODAY issue?


Fundamental VR‘s Richard Vincent looks at how Virtual Reality is a TODAY issue, with over 1 billion people having access to the platform…

“The next platform”, that’s how Mark Zuckerberg describes Virtual Reality (VR) as he explains Facebook’s $2BN acquisition of Oculus. Facebook are betting big and moving fast and it’s time all marketers really woke up to what’s happening. 

Future Gazing
Like the adoption of mobile, the start will be slow, but the acceleration will be intense! It has taken 10 years to go from 1 million to over 2 billon smartphones, and like smartphones, VR headsets are likely to be in the 1-2 million volume in the first year, but imagine a world where the adoption mirrors smartphones, imagine 10 years out the possibility of 2 billon devices! And here’s the thing, the price point for these devices will be below most leading smartphones (Samsung has just launched the new Gear VR at $99).

It’s here and it’s now!
Don’t let the future gazing distract you into thinking that immersive VR experiences are something to think about for the future. TODAY, over 1 billon people can access a form of VR through 360˚ video content being played out on digital channels they occupy most. With a smartphone (or a Chrome/Firefox browser) they can access full 360˚ content on their Facebook wall and on YouTube. Your audiences are bumping into this content right now! The early indications are that people love this content with high levels of retention on video plays.

Here’s an example of Fundamental VR‘s awesome 360-degree videos. Whilst watching the video, try clicking and dragging the screen to explore different views!

Have you considered how your brand is going to embrace VR or 360˚ video story telling? Is it in your planning cycle? We think its part of the future, but what do you think?



VR & AR World 2016, London, 18 – 20 October

If you’re interested in finding out more about this year’s VR & AR World conference in London, visit the official event website.


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