Pokemon GO: Top 5 reasons to play the new augmented reality game

With all of the hysteria surrounding the new augmented reality game, Pokemon GO, we thought we’d give you 5 great reasons for playing! (and 5 reasons to watch out)…


    1. Lots of exercise: What a great idea! Encouraging players to get out of the house in search of Pokemon related assets. When you begin the game, you’re also given an egg, which requires a certain distance to be walked in order to make it hatch. Aside from the fact that the AR game has led to the discovery of at least one dead body, and people wandering dangerously across roads without looking, the benefits of being outside and walking in the fresh air are obvious in comparison to sitting in front of a games console.
    2. Exploring your surroundings: Similar to benefit 1, getting out and about in search of Pokemon is actually causing locals to discover lots about their towns and cities that they never knew before. The game uses sites of historical, educational, artistic or architectural value when selecting them as Pokestops – educational and fun!
    3. Share prices on the rise: Obviously not for everyone, but if you’re a Nintendo shareholder, the release of the game is definitely good news! As reported by Sky News, Nintendo’s shares have risen dramatically since its release.
    4. Interaction with other humans: Weirdly, the unsociable act of wandering the streets staring at a mobile phone is actually causing people to interact with each-other! In Australia, over 2,000 people turned up to play the crazily popular game… Full story here
    5. Social inclusion: Now that Pokemon GO is set for higher daily usage than Twitter, it’s a good idea to get on the bandwagon early. When you’re standing at the coffee machine on a Wednesday morning and a colleague in their mid-twenties starts talking gyms and potions, it’s nice to have a Wartortle or a Bulbasaur to throw into conversation to really fit in – maybe even a Dwebble.

Check out some in-app footage of Pokemon GO:

And 5 reasons to watch out…

  1. Outdated information: The game is causing havoc for some people. One man’s home – once a church, has been marked by the game as a Pokemon gym, with super-keen Pokemon fans turning up at his door in search of various in-game prizes. The house owner, Mr Sheridan, highlights some serious issues, including those of privacy and security. Full story here.
  2. Avoiding serious injury: Wandering around, eyes fixed on your phone is definitely an accident waiting to happen – I don’t think we need to explain this one, but maybe keep an eye on traffic when crossing roads to capture a Squirtle that’s hiding in someone’s garden…
  3. Getting fired from your job: One Pokemon fan, clearly upset that he couldn’t download the game in Singapore, took to Facebook to share his outrage. Needless to say, it didn’t go down well with his employers. Abra Kadabra, you’re unemployed.
  4. Being robbed: Four US teens used the game to lure victims to certain locations before robbing them. Your virtual Hitmonlee can’t help you now! Full story.
  5. Biker gangs: Imagine being so desperate for a pokeball that you’d turn up at a Hells Angels headquarters. Yes, that actually happened in Whanganui, New Zealand. Those are some seriously brave fans…. Full story.

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