Can this Augmented Reality app really do your make-up?


Cosmetics house Rimmel London has just launched its new ‘Get The Look’ app, described as a ‘personalised augmented reality mirror’ which lets the user try out make-up styles they see either in the street or on the pages of magazines.

The app was developed by creative agency Holition using technology based on real-time tracking that detects make-up on faces in print and in real life. Users can use the app by pointing their smartphone at a person, ad or photo and virtually ‘capture’ the look using colour-matched cosmetics by Rimmel.

The reading is compared with Rimmel’s database and users can then find the best matching shades of mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipliner, blusher, bronzer and foundation to try out on their own image using the smartphone camera. The app allows users to change the shades and colours in real time.

“I am very excited to unveil the next step in our Coty digital revolution with the Rimmel Get The Look app,” said Camillo Pane, Coty’s executive Vice president ofglobal category development. “Through ongoing research into our consumer needs, we learnt that our consumers are more inspired and driven to beauty purchases by looks they see on the street than by those created directly by beauty brands.”

Earlier this year, Covergirl also launched an augmented reality virtual try-on app called BeautyU using Holition’s face-tracking technology, which maps the user’s unique features. Along with a series of diagnostic questions, the app then makes tailored product and look recommendations.

The augmented reality experience includes the ability to virtually apply colours, shades, products and looks. The face-tracking capability intuitively locates the core features of the face and closely follows movements, to ensure that the virtual makeup stays in place and giving accurate and realistic results.

You can find out more and download the Get the Look app on the Rimmel website.

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