Virtual Reality Technologies: WHEN not IF.

Richard Vincent of Fundamental VR gives his views on the future of virtual, mixed and augmented reality technologies, and how it’s a matter of when and not if…


Every indicator of virtual, mixed and augmented reality points to a rapidly developing opportunity for businesses and brands. Consumer adoption is moving fast, already there are 1M high-end tethered VR headsets out there (aka Oculus and HTC Vive). That number is set to accelerate to 2-3M by the end of the year as Oculus and HTC ramp up sales and PlaystationVR joins the market. Samsung GearVR has approaching 10M mobile VR headsets in consumer hands already and Google Cardboard penetration stands at 20M+ and is rising fast. Latest predictions suggest these figures will expand to a base of 150M+ by 2020 as prices drop and further manufacturers join the market including the much anticipated Magic Leap, the new Google Daydream and, look out, here comes Apple!

Every commentator and interested party is writing about the potential of virtual experiences and it is truly starting to look like VR may well be the “next platform”, as Mark Zuckerberg suggested a year ago.

Forbes recently published its Technology Council’s view of what the next five years in VR might look like with applications from medical to prototyping and talent management. What’s clear from this, and the hundreds of other opinions around VR, is that now is the time to build your organisational competence, to start to test-and-learn and to understand the impact of virtual, mixed and augmented reality.

Like any new development, having a strategy for how, when and why you embrace it is key, even if that strategy is to hold until adoption levels lift. You need to look beyond simply the marketing and communications application (although this is a big one) and think about how it might impact the way your organisation works, how it recruits and trains, visualises and shares data and manages customer relationships.

At FundamentalVR we offer a variety of ways to start the process to build the organisational competence you are going to need over the next two to five years. Find out more about what Fundamental VR offers here.



VR & AR World 2016

If you’d like to meet other VR and AR experts and find out more about how both virtual and augmented reality are being used across a wide range of industries, and how companies plan to use them in the future, visit the VR & AR World event website.



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