One of the biggest questions about VR is where the revenue will come from. A panel of experts at VR/AR World had the following to say on Day One of VR/AR World:

richard-li-84efea491f3291d3f998e1abc67715c4Huawei chief architect of future networks Richard Li: “I saw some data from a survey on this topic before I came here. Of the 650 respondents, 78% people say gaming is number one [revenue source]. The principle driver is the number of VR gaming releases at the end of this year and we are yet to have Black Friday sales. 40% think TV is the next most powerful driver, but is being slowed by network issues. I believe we should also be looking at things like real estate and other major retail areas that can be done remotely. We should also look at education, which is a big market, as is medical.”

daan-kip-6dc57ea8684cae7ee9292eaf90af4b32Daniel Doornink, founder & CEO VRBase: “Good content is going to be a big money maker, especially in gaming. But to get there you need a hit, but there hasn’t been one yet. If you want to make money in VR gaming, you need to check out all the learnings available now to try to get that hit. Robot Recall could become a big hit. You need to know what is good, what works and how to utilise this.”

Richard-Vincent-ba99d04d5d68c7667bf97c0241210e49.jpgRichard Vincent, partner at Fundamental VR: “think about things that VR actually makes better. It could be in HR, training or simulation, for video presence. For business. I brie ve this is the next platform, just look at how mobile accelerated. Now is the time to hone in on, what competency do you need. Now is the time to acquire that knowledge.”

randolph-nikutta-d7b826773c4243917c55f609ad733c3fRandolph Nikutta, leader interactive high-end media, Telekom Innovation Laboratories at Deutsche Telekom: “If you look at it from the consumer view. How speedy will the transition be between big screens and these screens. I doubt this will happen in the next three to four years. It is about fighting for consumer time. This is where the industry is still in a trial phase. and that’s where they have to spend money and time.“

mathieu-ducrot-2704e11c2f334c49a0044c1b94902102Mathieu Ducrot, head of apps anticipation & connected ecosystems at Orange: “We have begun building some premium experiences in content. We believe that if you want want day to have the right monetise you need to build a market now, with proper hardware and content to embed the experience in market.”

  • david-edge-ff480d1296ceaca4c769536c44c0f785David Edge, associate & visualisation leader at Arup: “We need to understand the holistic total picture for constructive dialogue of VR. It really changes the way we work. It means we can change and possibly descale rational work streams, from contrition, planning, marketing and more. It allows for a better level of understanding by letting you see from every angle.”

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